The Condition Of Roads And Related Problems

Roads are considered to be one of the important symbol of civilzation and are very important nowadays. Without roads, almost all of us will not be able to travel. But, corruption had got to the roads and there are very large problem to the society. In almost all countries, roads are built under government contracts by private parties. These people who are private parties find ways to just loot and a fortune out of the projec rather than to make contribution to the society. It is a very bad condition in the south regions of world like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan. Nowadays it is not different in United States of America, where you find that newly laid roads are collapsing out of blue. It is seriously an intimidiating problem where people cannot feel safe. 

The new technology

There is a new material called geotextile which can make a huge difference in the society. These great materials have the power to hold the gravel and the stones together and avoid damge to the roads due to the huge vechile moving through it. These materials are more like a permeable membrane which makes use of the pores to let on the smaller particles move from ne part to another at the same time makes sure that the huge prticles do not move from one region to another.

This surely will make sure that the heavy showers of rain will not erode the roads at the same timw, the water will no longer be a problem because you will be able to increase the level of ground water without disrupting the roads. Therefore, it also can serve as a means to have a erosion control check.

Ornamental Value

Moreover this is important to plant some trees that would enrich the look of the roads. This will also increase the soil fertility because when the leaves and flowers fall off on the roads, they would be broekn down into minute particles and move down towards the ground water leading to the enrichening of ground water.

The need to make quality checks

The government officials should start being responsible and make sure to chekc the works of these people. But, unfortunately most of the governtment officials ha grown a big fat belly by making money from these projects that they are not able to interfere now and do the right thing when they are customised to the habit of geing bribes and giving a blind eye to problem. This should change and people should understand that there is a need for them to perform their own duties without failing the people who are paying them.